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Give e-Learning Wings

GenieCapture propels your organization to the next level with Creation & Consumption of Highly Interactive e-Learning Content for your Training Audience.


Unbeatable Pricing & the Industry’s most comprehensive Feature Set - One Platform

GenieCapture accelerates your business and students by sharing knowledge and adopt software the Smart Way!

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Super-Fast, Super-Easy

GenieCapture makes e-Learning and Software Adoption a breeze with Highly Interactive Software & Video Simulation Training Content!

How we stack up against the competition?

Features GenieCapture Ancile uPerform ® Adobe Captivate ®
Interactive Software Simulation
Interactive Video Simulation
Responsive Slide Deck
Screen Capture
Board Recording
HQ WebCam Recording

GenieCapture in Action - Next Generation e-Learning Content Creation

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How GenieCapture helps your organization create and consume Smart & Interactive e-Learning Content?

With the most comprehensive Feature Set in the industry, GenieCapture catalyzes you to provide easy n’ intuitive e-Learning Content – Share Knowledge and Adopt Software the Smart Way.

Smarter e-Learning
Higher Efficiency

Smarter e-Learning

GenieCapture’s next generation technologies leads you to higher productivity and increased ROI with easier, simpler & faster e-Learning content generation. Create and Consume e-Learning content like NEVER BEFORE.

Interactive Simulations
Accelerated Learning

Interactive Simulations

Interactive e-Learning Content for your Training Audience: With highly interactive Software and Video Simulations, GenieCapture paves an accelerated path to remarkably easy & intuitive e-Learning.

Intuitive Training
Smarter Knowledge Transfer

Intuitive Training

360-degree Content Spectrum Generation: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), e-Learning Training Courses, Slide-Deck Presentations, Board Simulations & a whole lot more!

Democratized Pricing
Simply Unbeatable

Democratized Pricing

With a transparent and democratized pricing model, GenieCapture is the most affordable and comprehensive toolbox for e-Learning content creation and consumption in the industry.

A Glimpse Into GenieCapture

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The industry’s most comprehensive Feature Set

Interactive Software Simulation:

    • GenieCapture provides you with a highly effective toolbox for creation and consumption of e-Learning Content with its highly interactive software simulation feature: Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Software Simulations, Online Training Courses & a whole lot more.
    • Content Authors/Instructors can set tracks for students to follow through - One missed step and you get corrected with error displays shown with intuitive avatars. This comprehensive and powerful feature enables employees and students to easily and rapidly learn and adopt software like NEVER BEFORE!
SAP Training
Video Simulation

Interactive Video Simulation:

  • GenieCapture’s Recorder is a powerful toolbox which makes Interactive High-Quality Voice and Video Content Authoring and Consumption for e-Learning content a breeze. GenieCapture enables Content Authors and Course Instructors to create highly Interactive Video Simulations with easily integrated tutorials.

Responsive Project:

    • Create Once – Publish Anywhere: GenieCapture sets Responsive Content Generation in motion paving an accelerated path to remarkably easy & intuitive e-Learning. GenieCapture assists your business workforce in deploying advanced e-Learning Content, Procedures, Software Simulations and Training Courses to Desktops, Tablets and Mobile devices.
Responsive Project

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